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FRESH: ‘Fields Of Gold’ – Neeq Serene

Neeq Serene discovers “Fields Of Gold”

Electro-ambient, Experimental, Electro-Folk Pop

UK based singer Neeq Serene releases her hauntingly beautiful new song, “Fields Of Gold”, today, the follow up to her debut track, “The Others”.

Experimental, Neeq’s music and voice crosses many different genres including trip-hop, IDM and gothic neo-folk, a bit like if you put Enya in a bowl with Kylie’s “Impossible Princess” album.

“Fields Of Gold” is a stirring and emotive landscape and features hypnotic vocal layers sung in both English and Urdu, celebrating Serene’s South Asian roots. When writing the song, Neeq envisaged the boundary from this world to the next and the journey to the hereafter, where departed souls will meet again.

Neeq first popped up in 2019, when she collaborated with bass player Cheryl Pinero on the EP, “Dark Matter”. “Fields Of Gold” is written and performed by Neeq Serene with instruments written, played and recorded by Neeq Serene Orchestra, guitar and additional synth-overdubs played and recorded by Gon von Zola and mixing and production also done by Gon.

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