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FRESH: ‘Let’s Not Throw Away A Good Thing’ – Alex Roma

Alex Roma says: “Let’s Not Throw Away A Good Thing”

Pop/Rock, Indie/Pop

Boston, MA based singer and songwriter Alex Roma’s latest offering, “Let’s Not Throw Away A Good Thing”, has that real feel good factor about it. It’s also got a very simple story to it as well.

The song features on his end of 2020 EP, “Long Names”, and marks the end of another positive year for Alex, growing on his debut made in 2019 with the track, “Blame Me”.

Alex produces superb pop-rock/indie-pop tunes with a decent tale to tell, using guitars and an vibrant, bouncy soundtrack to accompany his honest and open vocals. The four track EP finds Alex joining forces with UK producer Wolfgang Pander. Alex wrote and recorded “Long Names”​ at his home during the Summer of 2020.

Sonically, the EP is a blend of alternative, pop, and rock. The lead single, “Let’s Not Throw Away A Good Thing”, is about how some people see love as being a superficial and fleeting feeling.

Alex tells us: “I believe that love is about balance and sacrifice…lots of people tend to give up so easily on it when they FINALLY find it. That’s why I thought the line and title “let’s not throw away a good thing” fits perfectly for the theme of this song”.

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