FRESH: ‘Push And Pull’ – KTEE

KTEE goes “Push And Pull”

Electro/Pop, Synth/Pop

Austrian singer KTEE starts 2021 in a predicament. She’s met someone, fallen in love, but feels like she’s playing emotional ping-pong and not quite sure if he’s the right one after all.

Enter “Push And Pull”. Her hearts being pushed and pulled in all directions and not quite where she thought it was being taken. That’s love for you!

So KTEE has committed her thoughts and feelings to song and in this retro synth-pop/electro-pop stonker, KTEE relays her story and hopes that others can identify with her.

KTEE says: “As we all know, love can be a real b***! Especially when those involved are not able to love themselves (yet) or when they aren’t sure if what they feel is really love”.

KTEE goes back to her 18 year old naive self, when she fell head over heels in love with someone. “Push And Pull” is about hope, pain and the fact, that you should make self-love and self-respect your priorities. After experiencing the worst lovesickness and being in search of her perfect love story, KTEE is convinced that you can only find it, if you truly love yourself first. So true!

With “Push And Pull”, KTEE builds upon a now established career since her debut single, “Rock Your Life”, was released in 2017. 2020 saw her in more mellow form as she offered up acoustic versions of her earlier songs, “Louder” and “Your Place”, but now KTEE is back in full power pop mode and kicking some ass with this infectious number to get hooked on very easily to! POW!

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