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FRESH: ‘Liar’ – Silas Armstrong

Silas Armstrong brands you a “Liar”

Electro-Pop, Pop-Dance

London based singer/songwriter Silas Armstrong has just released only his second single, “Liar”, the follow up to “I Love You Always Forever” and this time he means what he says!

Silas is taking no more lies. You’re a “Liar”! And that’s a fact! He’s been lied to, too much and it’s about time it stopped. Silas ‘vents’ his feelings against a pumping pop/dance beat that is subliminal and earthy.

“Liar” is the first of five tracks written during lockdown about Silas’ estranged father. All of them powerful pop ballads mixing pain, life and love. Silas defines his music as “emotional pop, with the energy of hip hop, rock, and a constant nod to the 80s”.

Silas has played drums and keyboards for indie pop, rock, punk and dance outfits, but always arranged and sang backing vocals in every band. He says: “I couldn’t help singing and harmonising on the hook, and my vocal ideas always became part of the sound”. In 2018 he set up a new children’s music company, IT’S MUSIC, which has gained over five million YouTube views.

Having performed at Glastonbury and toured Europe with Panic at the Disco! as a band member, the 2020 lockdown gave him the momentum and material to pursue his lifelong dream of a solo career. “Live music was the thing I missed most during lockdown, but the space and time to write these songs gave me the self-belief to release them. Now’s the time”.

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