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FRESH: ‘Crazy Double Life’ – Different DNA

Different DNA debut with “Crazy Double Life”

Electro-Pop, Synth-Pop

Evgeny Leksikov and Boris Kotelskiy have come together in 2021 to embark on a new musical venture, Different DNA and they kick off with the absolutely superb debut, “Crazy Double Life”.

This is synth-electro-pop at its finest, echoing the pioneers of 80’s synth and electric pop but with a fresh sound and approach to the music and the sublime vocals.

“Crazy Double Life” was recorded in Milano, Saint Petersburg and mastered in Los Angeles. The song has two meanings. When it was created the idea was that it’s about super agent that lives a double life and his/her problems in personal relations. But when the song had been recorded it’s appeared that it’s about ordinary people who lives their double lives and suffer of it. Which is absolutely common nowadays.

Evgeny is young but very professional and experienced singer who took part in Russian TV Shows ”Voice” and “The X Factor”. Boris is a songwriter, founder and creator of the project. At the same time he is a fashion buyer working with the most luxurious brands in the world. Boris was searching for a singer with the same taste in music for quite a long time. Once his friends gave him the contact of Evgeny who was well-known in Russia and in his city. They got in connection and immediately understood they had to start their collaboration. We welcome you!

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