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FRESH: ‘Commotion’ – Vin Mariani

Vin Mariani release a “Commotion”


So we’ve already established Niles and Jake of Vin Mariani like wine and music! We met them some time ago when they released their single, “Can’t Get Enough“. There has been a gap between that and this new release, “Commotion”.

“Commotion” sounds 90’s boy band with its funky pop soundtrack and lively, harmless vocals, and so it should, as it perfectly compliments their previous tracks. “Commotion” is the first release from their upcoming debut EP.

“Commotion” ​kicks off what is to be a transformative year for Vin Mariani. It’s now full speed ahead for the Atlanta-based duo who continue to work and perfect their vision for the project. “Commotion” has been in the works for over two years. Vin Mariani tell us: “Hours and hours have been poured into this project and the upcoming EP (to be released 1/22)”

The duo pushes an upbeat, happy sound that fits all kinds of moods as well as being family friendly. Both Jake (singer) and Niles (producer) have been making music for over a decade and have many accomplishments to show for it. They have really put the effort into their sound and vision. Welcome back you two…and cheers!

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