FRESH: ‘Love Paralysis’ – Jaymotts

Jaymotts have a “Love Paralysis”


“Love Paralysis” is the new single from ‘comic’ UK duo, Jaymotts – think Jamiroquoi meets Chaz’n’Dave(!) – their first of 2021 following their musical debut last year.

The Cambridge based duo’s latest offering throws it all into the mixing bowl, electric guitars, 70’s ‘Shaft’ rhythms and a bit of disco as well for a quite ‘unique’ experience!

“Love Paralysis” is a smooth and sexy story of finding love in a sausage mill, apparently! It’s the story you never knew you needed in your life. And why not! Jonathan Hall (Guitars & Vocals) and Chris Le Mottée (Bass Guitar) began recording as Jaymotts last year and released the EP, “Stars Of Cheese”. The followed that with “Sandra’s New Car”, once would assume about a lady called Sandra, who bought a new car?(!)

These boys clearly don’t take themselves of their music too seriously at all, and yet the fun and the depth of their love of song is defined all too well with this modern classic that should reach out to so many people across so many different genres…and of course, all those who work in sausage factories!

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