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FRESH: ‘Nope’ – Gaby K

Gaby K says “Nope”!


Gaby K, who we introduced to you last year with her song, “Is This Love?”, has just released her first of 2021, the ‘bumpin’ “Nope”, with a very clear message!

“Nope”, she don’t need you hear. Lies. Distrust. Gaby K has felt and experienced to all and she ain’t gonna take no more! Fearsome!

“Nope” achieves its goal with minimalistic accompaniment and a few synths thrown in to its pulsing R&B beat, allowing Gaby to lay out her own emotions and ultimatum that she won’t accept your cheating and come to that, she ain’t gonna accept you no more.

Since we last caught up with Gaby K, she has released “Ain’t Worth The Fight” (I see a pattern forming here!) with “Nope” being the first of many more to come this year. With it, she challenges the predictable ‘heart break’ love song rhetoric with a song charged with self love and vacant of remorse. Lily Allen, Mae Muller and Lauryn Hill are her main influences and she channels these strong female artists in her punchy, sassy performance.

Discussing the sentiment behind her new track, Gaby K says: “Out of all the songs I have ever written, this is one of my favourites. I wrote it a few years ago when I was dating a guy who didn’t treat me well. He took advantage of the fact he knew I had strong feelings for him and used this as a means to get his own way with most things. When I eventually came to my senses and ended it, I didn’t have the confidence to tell him in person how he made me feel so I wrote this song instead. It is very pertinent and sums up that I didn’t need him, or want him by the end. For anyone listening to ‘Nope.’, I hope it provides them with a sense of empowerment and gives them the courage they may be seeking to realise they deserve better if they feel they are in a similar situation. I strongly believe one should laugh at the people who put you down, enjoy life to the fullest, and do what makes you happy”.

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