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FRESH: ‘Goddess’ – Tonal Huldra

Tonal Huldra IS a “Goddess”!

Pop, Electro-Pop

Norwegian born, London based pop sensation Tonal Huldra bursts into 2021 with her fab new single, “Goddess”, the latest offering from her upcoming debut album.

“Goddess” is an uplifting and infuriatingly catchy number which showcases Tonal’s gorgeous vocals againt a simple electro-pop background, allowing her voice to be the star here.

“Goddess” follows on from her debut last year with “Heartstrings” and he preceeding single, “Woman”, all of which will feature on the album. The album, “Home”, takes a deep dive into the different aspects of identity. “Goddess” was co-written with friend Nebula, who broke onto the London Hip-Hop scene in the early 2000s with duo Nazarene & Nebula.

Tapping into personal experiences, the song explores the ways women are treated based on their physical looks, and being visually or audibly loud and unapologetic about it (like Tonal Huldra going to Tesco’s in a ball gown and sneakers or the way Nebula’s contagious laughter carries through any pub!). It’s a serious message in a fun and uplifting package, stating that every woman is a goddess waiting to rise.

Tonal Huldra is actually the stage name of Louise Nornes, who worked as a function singer and vocal coach for several years before deciding to release her own music. Her artist name is based on the nickname ‘Huldra’, which she was given as a kid due to her unruly mane! Huldra is a female forest creature in Norwegian folklore, with long wild hair – the creature also has a cow’s tail, which luckily is not the case for Tonal Huldra.

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