Carly Opacic

FRESH: ‘Luna’ – Carly Opacic

Carly Opacic goes “Luna”

Dream-Pop, Indie-Pop

Nashville based artist Carly Opacic glides into 2021 with her dreamy new single, “Luna”. With easy listening instrumentation and soft vocals, this is perfect both even time as well as those lazy days.

“Luna” will feature on a new album Carly has coming out of the same name with the first part of the two part album is about a break up and the second part of the album to come is about finding yourself again.

“Luna” is a precursor to the break up songs that are on the rest of the album. It is a story about a relationship that eventually progresses to a break up.

Carly originates from Orange County, California but moved to Nashville six years ago to pursue music. Carly released her debut single, “Meeting With Mara”, in 2016 and had a particularly busy 2020 with three tracks, the most recent of which was “Enticing”.

“Luna” is produced by her long time collaborator Brandon Mingo as as Carly says ” I give him a demo of my music and he runs with it!”.

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