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FRESH: ‘Supergirls’ – Hillary Anne

Hillary Anne celebrates “Supergirls”


23yo West African singer Hillary Anne made her debut last year with “Childs Play” and has just released her fourth track and first of 2021, “Supergirls”.

The song has a wicked synth drum sound and a gorgeous pop backing track for Hillary to exercise her brilliant voice and enjoy every moment of it.

“Supergirls” is pure power pop with a nod to the late 80’s but sounding very fresh and modern and crisp. This is one to put on again and again and it has a positive message for us all.

As Hillary explains: “Having written the song myself, I had a clear idea of the sound I was going for which is upbeat, dark and dance-ish. During the writing process, what I had in mind was a response to the song ‘The Boys Are Back in Town’ by Thin Lizzy. The song is about pre-coronavirus time and portrays girls having fun and being young and reckless”.

After the first production of the track and also being a massive fan of 60s/70s/80s rock’n’roll, Hillary decided to show that side of her through the song by adding some electric guitars to it. And they work! As an artist, Hillary strongly believes in breaking the barriers of culture or even race associated music genres. “Supergirls” is that anthem and marks a change of direction from her previous recordings, “Next To Mine” and “Double-Faced”, which sit firmly in rock territory.

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