FRESH: ‘Inner Child’ – YumeMike

YumeMike has an “Inner Child”

Retro-Synth Pop

After two years away, Italian artist YumeMike (Yume is Japanese for dream) enters 2021 with his heavy, retro synth new track, “Inner Child”

It’s been two years since his debut with “La Marseillaise Rock” and “Punching In A Dream”, but YumeMike is fully energised and ready to go again.

“Inner Child” bashes out those synths and digital sounds in a feast of 80’s programming from a writer who never lived out those glory day. YumeMike produced the song in his bedroom before sending it to mixer and masterer, Luca Piccinini for finishing. The song is the first taste of his upcoming debut album, “Light In The Mirror”, due for release at the end of February.

But who or what is an inner child?

YumeMike explains: “If you could speak to yourself as a child, what would you say? What would you ask? Are you worthy of your inner child dreams? Most important, what would be the answers? This is what ‘Inner Child’ is about: meeting yourself as a child in a mirror and asking if you are doing it right or no”.

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