REVIEW: “S01E01-5” (EP) – Dayweaver

Dayweaver – “S01E01-5” (EP)

Dutch band Dayweaver release their debut EP today, bringing together all of their single releases last year together with new track, “Bloodman”. “S01E01-5” is a deeply electro infused collection that uses nostalgia and video game music for its backbone and thus creating a very retro feel to it. This is very early Depeche Mode in sound with a mid-European ‘coldness’ to it that seats it very firmly in the 1980’s. Band members Marcel Young, John “Maître” Nomski, Yari Inzaghi and Allie Osha create almost 2D songs that utilise old school methology to create new songs for a very different time.

The lead and new track, “Bloodman”, uses a simple, one line hook set against a very ‘metalic’ soundtrack that uses synths to create atmosphere and samples of video games to provide alternative vocals over the middle-eight. Very Cure c.1989 sounding. Dayweaver delve deeper into earlier 80’s sounds with “Swear”, which bases itself on very early electro-synth development. The pumping “Right On The Money” simply pulses and reverberates from beginning to end with cool vocals and vocalisations that once again uses the same hook across each chorus to get its message across. “Hurricane” uses a ‘bruising’, industrious beat at its commercial heart. Far from being a hurricane, the song is mellow and down-tempo with an icy glassness to it.

The bands final offering is the more modern “Ordinarily” which sounds like it comes from a TV ad, and could well be… “Ordinarily” is anything but ordinary and as the hook states again and again, “I don’t do this ordinarily”. Strange sounds and noises from the unknown and a synth electric guitar add a uniqueness of quality to this odyssey. Quite brilliant!

“Series 1, episode 1”, I would assume will be followed by a second series or possibly more episodes in the first. Nevertheless this is something VERY different for your tastebuds. If you like early experimental music computing or just moody, ambient sounds that transport you to another planet, then this is for you. Not to be used in the background, but to listen and savour when the moment its right and you have plenty of time to ‘travel’.

Stay in touch with Dayweaver through their WEBSITE and their FACEBOOK page


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