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FRESH: ‘Everything’ – Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience love “Everything”!

Pop-Funk, Psychedelic-Pop

London based band Near Death Experience ‘roll’ into 2021 with their brilliant new single, “Everything”, their first following a very active debut in 2020.

“Everything” blends strong, powerful vocals with a laid back rhythmic backing track that combines the very best of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s for a great all round sound.

You can hear Hendrix, Weller and so many more in this song, which is the lead single from their forthcoming second album, due later this year. It will follow their 2019 debut, “Mouth To Mouth” and a number of standalone single releases last year. The band formed in 2016 and have been regulars on the pub circuit ever since. In 2017, the boys played Glastonbury, working from their EP, “The Last Summer”.

Their new album, “The Release”, will seek to build on their foundations while the band hope to be able to get back to live performing sometime later in 2021 to promote the album. This is the kind of music you certainly need to hear from the stage on a hot Summer afternoon. Roll on…!

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