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REVIEW: ‘Gaps’ (EP) – Lowe Minor

Lowe Minor – “Gaps” (EP)

“Gaps” in the debut EP from Nashville based singer and songwriter Lowe Minor. The first and introductory from the young artist, Lowe captures electro-synth beats with R&B rhythms and sometimes hip-hop and pop drop in for an all round musical odyssey. This is comes across no better than in the opening track, “Get Your Likes Up”, with its trap hook but with the smoothness and sensuality of a down-tempo pop ballad.

Lowe has lots of angst to vent and emotions to share with the second track, “Inertia”, which offers the same synth atmosphere of the previous track with gorgeously sampled vocals but with a tinge of sadness about its story. Lowe clearly prefers a slower paced tune than something racy and in your face with which put across his feelings. Or does he…

Lowe explains: “A lot of ‘Gaps’ was recorded at home. I also worked quite a bit with one of my longtime friends and collaborators, Adam Bokesch, who works out of Pentavarit Studios in Nashville. Adam is an excellent composer and producer, and anyone with an interest in ambient or synthwave music should check him out. In writing these songs, I loved the idea of taking 80s/90s Hip Hop and R&B sensibilities and just shifting/updating the terminology and production a bit. There are nods to everyone from Ready for the World and Jon B. to Frank Ocean and Drake. I wanted ‘Gaps’ to have obvious through lines from start to finish, both lyrically and sonically. I wish “tragicomedy” wasn’t such an overblown sounding word, because I think it’s the most accurate description of what I was trying to accomplish. I love to mix moody and layered tracks with subject matter that’s much more superficial or ridiculous. There’s a lot of pining and whining on the EP, but there’s a self-awareness as well that I hope makes people smile, wryly or otherwise”.

The title track is straight out of 1982, Tron, 2-bit arcade games this is a Commodore electrowave pop number, with an instant early-mid 80’s beat that transports you the land of two lines into the distant screen as you ride out into the unknown. Lowe keeps the pace going with “Last Time” which repeats the retro heritage of “Gaps” with an often start-stop heartbeat soundtrack allowing Lowe to push his vocals to the forefront and showcase not only his ability as a programmer or player but as vocalist. “Polyester” closes this five-track debut and returns to the ambient trip-quick beats of the opening tune. Dark and moody in places, the song uses hard lyrics and closes with Lowe rapping his goodbye words to you, who has ripped his heart out.

This is a verbal and vocal collection of entry tunes from a young man who has been emotionally tortured. He has ‘gaps’ in his life and his soul and this is his way of venting those feelings, but in doing so, moving forward into a better place and a happier place for himself. This is a rollercoaster of styles and genres but if you want my opinion, the best is to be found in track 3 and 4 and hopefully that will shine a light on what we can expect from Lowe Minor in the future.

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