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FRESH: ‘This Fire’ – Lina And The Lions

Lina And The Lions serve up “This Fire”


UK Synthwave band Lina And The Lions, lead by lead singer Lina Lane, have just released their new single, “This Fire”, their first for two years and the first cut from their upcoming debut album, “Second Nature”.

“This Fire” is an 80’s delight blending mid-80’s synthwave (reminiscent of NewRetroWave music) and early 80’s bands like Altered Images with Lina’s high-pitched, candy sweet vocals.

Lina And The Lions return delivers a cross-generational blend of infectious pop. The dark layers which permeate “This Fire”‘s cinematic sound add an Alt-Rock edge without ever overshadowing the instant accessibility. In a time of aural mediocrity, lead singer, bassist and pianist, Lina Lane, strives to break the mould with her intro-extrovert songwriting.

In a time where things seem so dark, it’s almost hard to see what is coming tomorrow. We all want to be a glittering, screaming siren reminding people that there is still time for love and second chances. That’s “This Fire”. As well as the new track, the band will be releasing a brand new track from the album every month throughout 2021 until the album release. Complete with music videos, live performances and lots of other surprises!

Born in Israel, before moving to the North of England as a child Lina Lane has been songwriting from a young age. Influenced by giants such as Michael Jackson, Blondie and No Doubt, Lina’s artistic vehicle, Lina And The Lions, puts powerful songwriting upfront, backed by emphatic vocals and devoted performances.

“If you’ve got a ‘go button’, I want to push it!” Lina says!

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