FRESH: ‘On My Mind’ – VISSIA

VISSIA has you “On My Mind”

Electro-Pop, Synth-Disco

Canadian pop singer VISSIA ‘pops’ into 2021 with her amazing new single, “On My Mind”, which is stacked to the roof with electro-synth-retro-disco beats.

VISSIA’s vocals are so akin to Roisin Murphy and you could be mistaken that this is an extension of Moloko, but this is very definitely VISSIA and a trip back in time to the now.

Encompassing the sweaty momentum of the dancefloors which we all miss so much, VISSIA’s latest single is an ode to the simplicity of being in the moment with someone you love and appreciate – mind, body and soul. Tapping into the neo-disco beats of the 80s revival, “On My Mind” is reminiscent of the the subtlety of the synths used as soundscapes with a backing beat creates a nostalgic and heady atmosphere of songs long ago, reflecting the nature of the relationship which VISSIA sings about.

Of the track, VISSIA says: “It’s about being in the moment with somebody special and appreciating all of them – mind, body and soul – right here, right now, just as they are. There is no past. There is no future. There is only the eye-locking, breathtaking, sexy, sweaty, fun, beautiful, uncomplicated now”.

VISSIA made her debut in 2017 with her EP, “You Should Be Sleeping”, but after three year break, came back with force and intention in 2020 with “I Believe In You”. “On My Mind” is the first of a continuing batch of songs written in 2020 that will take her ever higher in 2021 and “On My Mind” sure as hell is the way forward and upwards.

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