FRESH: ‘Colors.’ – 8kawaiii

8kawaiii synths up with “Colors.”

Synthwave, Retro-Synth

Singer and songwriter Bethany Lambright debuted as 8kawaiii last year with “Out My Mind” and slides into 2021 with her groovy synth odyssey, “Colors.”.

The Ohio based artist uses real laid back, chill synths that could date this tune to the early 80’s, but with an atmosphere and a sublime hook that reels you in with full addiction.

If life has taught 8kawaiii anything, it is that changing yourself for other people will only result in losing what makes you unique in the process. This is the message of “Colors.”. A song is about unrequited love. It is a reminder to never lose yourself, attempting to impress someone else.

The mysterious 8kawaiii closed 2020 with more sublime sounds with her second single, “Adrenaline”, with a wicked beat and harmonious vocals, this dives deeper into retrowave territory. 8kawaiii is carving a very classy DIY approach to her music and it woiuld be safe to say there there is no one else around quite like her. So come on in…

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