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FRESH: ‘Cry Devour’ – Shards Of Leo

Shards Of Leo returns with “Cry Devour”

Chill-Pop, Synth-Electro

We met Louis Forsyth (Shards Of Leo) last year with his second single, “Just A Little Bit“, now Leo releases the follow up, “Cry Devour”.

The new track is more synth based chill pop with lots of atmosphere to it and synth-heavy vocals as Leo experiments further and deeper into synth electronica.

“Cry Devour” was entirely written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered in Leo’s university bedroom using the most repeated line in the song is “As the echoes cry devour”. Leo decided to have this line sung entirely by echoed voices, and as the song went on (describing 2 different scenes of destruction), the echoes can be heardgetting stronger and stronger until the end of the song as they eventually “Devour” the song itself.

We spoke to Leo recently about the song, and this is what he had to say: “This song was actually written as an assessment for my university degree. We were told to write something outside our comfort zone, which pushed us as songwriters. After several weeks of not having a clue what I was doing, I finally came up with the kit and piano parts, and built the song up from there (with an INSANE number of vocal tracks)”.

“The song is mainly about the beauty of destruction. It describes horrific scenes of a burning city, and another city being swallowed by rising water, but trying to find the beauty in those scenes – talking about the beauty of the light coming from the flames, and the graceful movement of the water. I don’t think there is a central message coming from the song, as I prefer to write with ambiguity woven into everything, allowing any listener to take the song as their own, and give it whatever meaning might make most sense to them”.

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