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Ooberfuse want you to “Set Me Free”


The London based duo of Cherrie Anderson and Hal St. John, better known as Ooberfuse, have just released their deeply electro EP, “Tears Can Only Sting”, which features the lead single, “Set Me Free”.

The EP brings together their single releases of 2020 together with the hugely electro, synth heavy new track, “Set Me Free”, which is pure electro heaven

The track moves slowly with a stop-start beat that often feels lazy but undoubtedly chilled and laid back with a yearning message as it’s heart with Cherrie’s sublime vocals knitted among the electro vibes. “Set Me Free” explores themes of liberation from repression and oppression and is written about the emotions unleashed when someone tries to take away your freedom. “Set Me Free” ‘bleeds’ irresistible electronica hooks with timeless other-worldly vocals of front-woman Cherrie.

Cherrie explains: “Having the courage to be the person you are called to be in the context of violent forces demanding conformity, requires an almost supernatural strength. If we open our hearts to those who are fighting for their freedom, we combine our strength with theirs to transform cycles of violation”.

Ooberfude made their debut in 2014 with “Fall” and have perfected their artistry as purveyors of retro 21st century electronica. They released their debut album, “The Odd Ones”, in 2017 while “Tears Can Only Sting” represents their first EP and after a busy 2020, it ‘fuses’ all their five most recent releases together with the SUPERB “Set Me Free”.

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