The futuristic world of Zajah

Synth-Pop, Retro-Futurewave

Zajah is the mono identity of South Carolina based producer and artist Zajah Escamilla, who delivers futuristic sounds based on retro technology and an old school love of what has gone before.

Her latest single, “Cray Cray”, typifies this. It’s her first release of 2021 and follows another busy year following her debut back in 2019 with “Neath The City Lights”.

Zajah uses a digital keyboard (Sensel Morph), which she believes has a very unique voice and style of singing too. And apparently has been told that she is the next Alison Moyet! You decide… Much of Zajah’s work is original, although expect a few covers in there occasionaly, most recently with her version of Soho’s 1991 UK hit, “Hippy Chick”, brought into the 21st century and given a completely different makeover, almost so you would never recognise the original.

Zajah began her career as the producer/composer and one of the former singers of the group boyMONROE. They found a home within the LGBTQi Family in Austin, Texas and gave a start to all the band members in their own musical careers. Zajah isn’t just about music though. She designs all the graphics for her albums, photos and website.

“I always believe that you must live in ambition and conquer determination to achieve complete destiny”.

Zajah has already worked with many talented artists like Scott Morris, Bobby Knight, Linsay Williams, Brian Twombly, Clive Hawkes, Robert Large, Mark Steller [STLR] – who feature on “Cray Cray”, David Connor [Meccedo], Hiroshima Ziggysan and Caine Carangi [boyMONROE] to name but a few. She is always seeking more avenues and openings and as she builds her fanbase internationally, who knows…!

Make sure you check out the industrial sounding “Forgave You”, the 90’s sounding “Talk Talk”, the 2-bit “Love Birds” and the retrowave-esque “Tonight” as you plough through this very different collection of gathered sounds and ideas from one mind to transport you to a world we have yet to know or discover…

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