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REVIEW: ‘Daddy’s Issues’ – David Browning

David Browning – “Daddy’s Issues”

Canadian singer David Browning has been releasing tunes since 2006 with his debut, “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”, but he’s just released his very first album, “Daddy’s Issues” a collection of thirteen fast-paced, pop songs, some already issued in 2020, but now all brought together on one long collection of pure power pop! The album is produced with Grammy-Award Winner, Ian Prince, who has been collaborating with the South African born, Vancouver based songwriter for some time now and toegther they have crafted a stellar pop album with pride!

The title track exeplifies that with its happy-go-lucky, power pop soundtrack…if you choose to renew, that is! The album continues to earn high praise with the ever climbing “Stay Over”, which burys itself deep into synth heaven, building and rising to the explosive chorus, enough to make you yell and fling your arms out wide and far. This is a beach/festival tune for better and warmer times ahead… David slows things down with a more jazz style theme with the next track, “Nothing Left Here To Break”, a basic heartbreak song. Left, cast aside, David leaves no holes barred as he leaves love and comes back down to earth.

David takes it down even more with the opening of “Call Me When You’re Single”, although this is a deceptive number, raising the roof at the chorus, and it’s probably expected. David’s vocals are superb in both tender moments as well as getting his point across to a euphoric heavey synth backdrop and this is a song that gives both sides of the coin. “Till You Love You” begins with that 80’s plink plonky, throwaway sound that we all know and love and its as if we’re back in 1988 throughout each chorus. David reminds us all to love ourselves as much as others love you too. Back to ballad territory with “Always Inside”, although this is more of a power-pop ballad set against the backdrop of a piano as David reminds us yet again that hope and love can be found inside.

Time to get things back on track as with a little Latin spirit, David launches into “A Little Attention” with a sparkle of Ricky Martin meets “La Isla Bonita”. This is a sexy, dance number with a pulsing beat throughout and a sticky sweet chorus that I really love. David continues this theme moving into Enrique Iglesias territory with “Show Me Love” with it’s ‘sip’ of electric guitar as David wants you to show him everything about himself but most of all, show him love. Show your love for this sublime number. Back to the pop dancefloor with “Made Of Love”, more late 80’s sounds mixed with early 90’s club rhythms, which presents a more positive message to us all. David ‘cooks’ up a cover version next and tackles a Prince song. Dangerous, possibly, but David’s new version of his 1984 hit, “When Doves Cry”, is actually very, very good.

David brands it with his own voice and also a great synth-pop score, but looses none of the drama of the original and preserves Prince’s original with integrity and respect. A worthy match and a highly successful bet that David pulls off with honours. David lets his soft and tender vocal out again for “Hope Can Be Wrong”, yet another ‘epic’ tune with a distant sound of synth-strings to elevate this track to a higher cloud in the sky. There’s a short burst of “Who’s Your Daddy, David Browning?”, which I guess is a reprise of the first, title track, for just 31 seconds before we launch into something very different to end with, “Come On Humphrey”! More plinky-plonky pop, this is very catchy and humerous. David clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously at all!

Apparently, your monkey is my monkey too! Who is Humphrey? David… What a collection of songs for a first full album. This is so light hearted in places and so thoughtful in others that “Daddy’s Issues” is a must hear for these dark times. Escape into every track, dance your heart out and pour emotion into those that require and deserve it. David has already scored big figures with streaming and downloads and this album will secure a few million more for him and, hopefully, bring him out to a wider audience internationally as this album so deserves. Come on David!

Best tracks: “Stay Over”, “Till You Love You”, A Little Attention”, “When Doves Cry”, “Hope Can Be Wrong”.

Stay in touch with David through his WEBSITE and his FACEBOOK page

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