Olivia Morreale

FRESH: ‘No Answer’ – Olivia Morreale

Olivia Morreale debuts with “No Answer”

Dream-Pop, Synth-Pop

It’s night time and you’re driving on an interstate highway, flying past a sparkling city on a long road trip. wherever you are, it’s the kind of view that puts you in that grateful, retrospective mood and has you suddenly reflecting on your life in broad sentimental strokes. That’s the setting for Olivia Morreale’s debut single, “No Answer”.

The LA based singer makes a sensual, slinky first impression with a thick, sublime soundtrack of retro synths and dreamy, milkshake sounds with ever so sweet vocals lacing the everlasting soft beats of this pure escapist ‘foamy’ tune. The song is the first ‘taste’ of Olivia’s upcoming debut EP, “Space Dreams”, and if this is the quality of all the tunes, then I can’t wait to hear more…

“No Answer” is co-written and co-produced by Eli Koskoff, and you can almost feel the rays beating down on you from the sun kissed Miami beach, sometime in 1985. The song features additional synths by Cole Riddle, while Megan Brewty designed the retro artwork, Zach Bell created the video visuals along with Nicole Ciancia’s video and photography.

This is a very differnt and expertly crafted debut into the world and indeed the galaxy. It’s time to take off with Olivia Morreale. There may be “No Answer”, but there are more “Space Dreams” to come…

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