Tom Saint

FRESH: ‘New Ferrari’ – Tom Saint

Tom Saint wants a “New Ferrari”

EDM, Electro-Pop

UK singer and songwriter Tom Saint has released his first new tune of 2021, “New Ferrari”. This guy wants one! The song references the cars, video games and football players with plenty of engine revving as well.

Tom produces a deep, brooding heavy synth pop soundtrack with all the speed of the car he so wants and with repetitive lyrics, Tom focuses on his most wanted.

“New Ferrari” is another solid Tom Saint tune, follow his busy debut last year with “Midnight Eyes” to his most recent release, “Ghost”. “New Ferrari” is co-written and produced with frequent collaborator, James Yuill (Cable TV) with the song actually being a cheeky ode to a new flame.

Tom is currently putting together his live show and will be confirming dates later this year and there are plenty more new tracks to come before then. Let’s hope Tom enjoys his ‘new Ferrari’ and keeps it in good condition(!)

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