Soho “got no flowers for your gun, no hippychick”, so where are the ‘goddesses’ now?

British band Soho formed in 1988 of sisters Jacqui and Pauline Cuff and Tim ‘London’. The threesome had previously used the name Groovalax but changed this in 1988 to Soho, reflecting their favourite part of London. They released their debut single, “Piece Of You” that same year, but it flopped, as did the follow up “You Won’t Hold Me Down” and their debut album, “Noise”. Undeterred, they proceeded to write and record a follow up during 1989 and 1990 and released the single, “Boy” in 1989. Once again it flopped.

For their next release, “Hippychick”, the band sampled The Smith’s 1985 hit “How Soon Is Now?”. This did reach No.67, but fared better elsewhere, particularly in America, where the song peaked at No.14 and No.2 on the dance chart. A follow up, “Freaky”, made No.32 on the dance chart there, while at the sdame time the album, “Goddess”, saw mainstream release. With the success of “Hippychick” abroad, Soho and label Savage Records, re-issued the song at home in early 1991 and this time, a hit! It went on to chart at No.8 there and became their best known and sadly, their only hit.

The follow up, “Love Generation”, flopped at No.85 in the UK as did their second and final album for Savage, “Thug”, in 1992 along with the singles “Ride” and “Radio Soul Groove”. There was one minor hit in 1991, when they teamed up with chart topper Adamski for “Born To Be Alive”, but the song stalled at No.51 in the UK and charted nowhere else. The band attempted one more comeback in 1996 with “Stupid” and an album, “Soho Soho”, before calling it a day and then disappearing out of all sight.

Pauline began a holistic therapy company in the 00’s, which is doing rather well but in 2018 all three original members of Soho regrouped along with singer Law Holt for make a new group, Iklan. They released an album called “Album Number One” but that’s as far as it went. Will we get “Album Number Two” or is there just no hip, hip, hip, no hippychick?(!)

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