In 1990, Adamski had high NRG and came up with the ‘killer’ anthem of the year. So then what…?

Come on down, tonight Adam Tinley (b.1967), you are Adamski! English born Adam yearned for music fame and fortune from a young age. He was just 11 when he sent a demo tape to an independent record label with his 5 year old brother under the name of The Stupid Babies! Surprisingly, they got the attention they wanted and their song “Babysitters” was played on BBC Radio 1! By his late teens, Adam had moved on to harder things and was beginning to mix and create his own records. In early 1989 he gained his first booking as a bonafide DJ and called himself Adamski. MCA Records picked him up and at the end of the year, he released his first single, “N-R-G”. Within a few weeks, “N-R-G” made its way up the UK singles chart and peaked at No.12. Adamski now spent most of his time creating his first album and in the Spring of 1990, returned with a follow up, introducing us to a singer who would gain worldwide acclaim and success from the collaboration.

Killer” pretty much summed up the sound of 1990, as if it could be a million miles away from that of 1989. The track found its audience and swiftly shot its way to the very top of the UK singles chart, where it stayed for four weeks, becoming the fifth biggest seller of the year. It was also a hit across Europe and made a small dent in the US Dance chart at No.23. The singer, Seal, would later record his own version of the song and take it back into the UK top ten, but only after the success of his solo smash, “Crazy” and his debut album in early 1991. The album, “Doctor Adamski’s Musical Pharmacy”, was prescribed soon afterwards and would feature another ‘crazy’ hit single in the shape of “The Space Jungle”, which included in its production, aspects of Elvis’ “All Shook Up”. “The Space Jungle” went to No.7 in the UK, which would sadly become Adam’s last top ten hit to date. “Doctor Adamski’s Musical Pharmacy” peaked at No.8 and gained a Silver certification in the UK.

1991 saw Adamski being “Naughty”. That was the title of his second album! The lead single, “Never Goin’ Down!”, which featured vocals of the female group Soho (“Hippychick”), stopped short of the top 40, while their own single became a top ten success. For whatever reason, Adamski never did achieve further commercial success or the chart positions he saw in 1990. Adamski did continue to release singles and albums throughout the 1990’s and into the 21st century, his most recent was “Free To Kill Again” in 2020, which saw him work with Boy George among others, while 2022 brought two new tracks to the fore, “Black Butterfly” with American producer Robert Owens, and “Black Star Acid” with German DJ and producer Boys Noize (Alexander Ridha). One thing Adamski has never lost is his skill as a DJ and has kept that aspect of his career on point. Still in demand and still a killer on the decks, wherever he goes.


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