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FRESH: ‘Feels Good To Be Alive/Two Hearts’ – Ewan Patrick

Ewan Patrick just “Feels Good To Be Alive”

Rock-Pop, Folk-Pop

Scottish singer and songwriter Ewan Patrick follows up his 2020 double A side debut with another two track release for 2021, “Feels Good To Be Alive” and “Two Hearts”.

Both songs were written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Ewan himself, as he prefers a DIY hands on approach and carry two very positive and uplifting messages.

“Feels Good To Be Alive” bursts with indie-pop energy as Ewan insists that we all should feel good to be alive, there is so much yet to live for. The choruses really come alive and make you just want to smile and punch the sky with glee while “Two Hearts” is more of an acoustic number that works well both on a warm Summer or a cold winter night.

“Feels Good To Be Alive” is a narrative song, starting with the protagonist in quiet introspection. The song then bursts open with a sense of optimism and hope for the future. “Two Hearts” was concieved while Ewan was writing his wedding speech, not for a minute trying to contrive a love song for his future wife only to find it just happened. Ewan tells us: “I did everything you can hear on these recordings except for the Cello part on ‘Two Hearts’ which was composed and performed by my good friend Rebecca Rowe”.

Now with four songs to his name – “Retrospect” and “Hurricane” already established – Ewan is working on his first album, which he hopes will be out later this year.

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