FRESH: ‘Despierta’ (EP) – Di WAV

Di WAV releases her “Despierta” EP

Electro-Pop, Synth-Pop

Florida based electronic, synth artist Di WAV releases her brand new EP, “Despierta”, today, showcased with her version of Depeche Mode’s 2005 hit, “Precious”, a brave move for anyone!

Di WAV pulls it off, however, losing nothing of the originals quality and yet lacing it with her own synths, rock guitars and her own, haunting vocals that would do well alongside Dave Gahan’s!

Di WAV again exhibits her incredible, passionate voice and talents throughout the four-track offering. Blending her love for rock, electronic and indie music with heartfelt lyrics, she creates a dark and mysterious atmosphere for listeners to get lost in.

Of “Precious”, Di WAV states: “More than a cover, to me, it is a tribute to the band and how much they have touched me with their music throughout my life. I think it’s a nice way to close the EP because of what it means to me on so many different levels”.

Di WAV (Daniela Carpio) is a Guatemalan-Swiss-Latin artist. She developed her creative side at a very young age, showing interest in art and music. At the age of 14, she wrote her first song and began exploring the world of modelling and acting. She made her entrance in 2018 with the tune, “Dominos” and has been a constant and rising global star ever since, releasing her debut EP, “Masoquista”, the following year.

Her 2020 singles, “Mente Criminal”, “Ellos” and “Cristales de Hielo”, were all performed in her native Latin but now 2021 offers a new English language EP of cinematic quality and with a collective of new recordings and accompanying videos in support to boost Di WAV’s name internationally.

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