FRESH: ‘Let Go’ – OJM

OJM issues “Let Go”, reimagined!

Pop, Acoustic

Rising British singer and songwriter OJM (Oliver Jones Music) enters 2021 with a ‘reimagined’ working of his earlier release, “Let Go”. Recorded in stripped-back form, “Let Go” is simply sublime.

The song uses piano and a violin for the soundtrack, while Oliver’s striking and understated, often innocent, vocal is allowed to take centre stage.

“Let Go” was recorded In Oliver’s back garden with a £150 studio mic and Garage Band. The song is inspired by the feeling of confusion that everyone is facing right now and how previous problems can start to feel more prominent. It focuses mainly on the feeling of missing a loved one as a result of distance.

Oliver explains further: “This song explores the loneliness that comes from leaving a girl you once cared so much about, and making the choice to either move on and forget her, or take the next train back to see her again”.

Oliver made his debut last year with the song, “Tonight” and furthered this with “Chorus” and more recently, “Let Go”. At just 20 years of age, Oliver says he is “still trying to find my place in the music industry” but with this and his previous recordings, is showing just what a talent and capability he has.

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