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FRESH: ‘When You Call Me’ – Cole Nights

Cole Nights debuts with “When You Call Me”


Atlanta US based artist Cole Nights makes his deebut with the dark and epic sounding “When You Call Me”, a slow paced, funky electro R&B number with a very haunting, atmospheric beat.

“When You Call Me” is the first of many upcoming song from Cole hopefully in the same vein, using synths and very automated programming to achieve a very moody and dramatic piece.

The song was recorded at Pro Mix Global in Atlanta, where Cole produced the song himself while JP Engineer worked on the song alongside. “When You Call Me” is about post-breakup encounters with an ex, the echoes of lost love and failed romances.

Speaking of “When You Call Me”, Cole tells us: “I’d have to say the ethosis that it’s normal to have trouble letting go of people in your life. Or people who are no longer in your life as much as you’d like. That process isn’t as instantaneous as we can be led to believe”.

Cole adds: “The beat for this song came together so fast, like magic. It was almost like I was on autopilot. Like it was meant to be”.

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