FRESH: ‘Cosmo’ – Actrese

Actrese is all “Cosmo”

Synth Pop, Electro-Pop

London based pop artist Actrese returns for 2021 with her brand new track, “Cosmo”, with sublime production and vocals with a simple synth and electro soundtrack and some heavy vocalisations.

“Cosmo” takes liberally from early 80’s synth bands together with an arty electro-beat and a hypnotic hook that strangely works well with Actrese’s slight and sparkly vocals.

Actrese co-wrote “Cosmo” along with songwriter and producer Jamie Amos (whose credits include Nilufer Yanya, Tom Grennan and James Morrison), who also produced the track alongside Tom Quigley. “Cosmo” is the follow up to her 2020 release, “Lola”, from the 23 year old who made her debut back in 2016 with the EP, “Calabasas”.

Actrese says of the song: “‘COSMO’ is about doing your best and being served bitter reality, still loving someone and thinking you might actually love someone else again, the contrast between what you get and what you thought you deserved”. Both aspects very much on display with this intricate and heady new age retro smash.

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