Veronika Utri

REVIEW: ‘If You Leave’ (EP) – Veronika Utri

Veronkia Utri – “If You Leave” (EP)

London based singer and songwriter Veronika Utri releases her debut EP today. “If You Leave”. The 4 track EP includes her first three singles together with a brand new track with each song chronologically telling a story of a love that ends and all the turbulence around that. Veronika was born in Austria, raised in Poland and is now based in London, wheere she has worked with producers to create her own sound and style. The EP opens with “Promise Me That”, a ‘quiet’ pop number with a soft beat and echoing vocals which deals with two people needing to know if they have to go their separate ways and realising that it is for the best.

The ‘racier’ “Touching Me” has a more sexual undertones as the two people separating still cannot stop touching each other and perhaps find it difficult to let go that easily. You soon discover Veronika’s vocals are almost child-like and sit so delicately above the music, particulatly of this synth-driven track. “Cigarette” is a piano based soft-beat pop track which keeps the memory of that special person alive, wrapped in a ‘cigarette’ and there for all time. If that’s what you really want… The EP closes with another great pop number, “Don’t Miss You”.

“Don’t Miss You” is the final acceptance that the love has gone, you can miss certain aspects of a relationship but in the end, you won’t actually miss the bad partner when all is said and done. Veronkia recorded all the vocals for herself with each song with Jack Gourlay adding additional production to “Touching Me”. All in all, Veronika has created something that is very rustic and simplistic that focuses on the innocence of her voice rather than big production and thumping beats, which would be out of place here. Whether the content of this EP is from her own experience or whether she draws on those around her, Veronika is able to tell a story from one persons view point from beginning to end and does so with feeling, heart and a tinge of sadness.

Stay in touch with Veronika through her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page


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