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FRESH: ‘In My Bones’ – Percy Richter

Percy Richter returns with “In My Bones”

Electro-Pop, Chill-Pop

Two years after his debut single, “Danger”, was released, London based artist Percy Richter returns with his lush, down-tempo smoothy, “In My Bones”.

The song is a potent mix of chill vibes and melt-in-the-mouth vocals with a big splash of soul, jazz and funk, together with a constant, smouldering beat to keep you addicted.

“In My Bones” marks a change in direction for the chilean-born artist from the acoustic stylings of debut “Danger”, embracing a new and much darker sound born out of Percy’s past experiences.

Percy says of his ‘new look’: “’In My Bones’ is a song that talks about passion and impossible love. When two people love each other but meet at different stages in their lives, that makes them unable to be together. It’s a song that talks about toxic relationships, the indecisiveness where one is not clear about the love they feel for the other, nor are they clear about the feelings they have for each other”.

“In My Bones” is drenched in Summer sun as well as moonlight bliss, just like strawberry milkshake, thickly mixed and with a slow, sinking feeling in the never ending abyss of delicate rhythms, textured vocals and sumptuous moments of pure, pure bliss. This is one that will sink into your bones, your blood and your mind, I promise you that!

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