Saint Samuel

FRESH: ‘On A Wire’ – Saint Samuel

Saint Samuel debuts with “On A Wire”

Dream-Pop, Synth-Pop

Saint Samuel – the artist moniker of Sam McCoig – has just released his euphoric debut single, “On A Wire”, as he steps out into the big world of music to make his mark.

“On A Wire” is full of synth atmosphere and real big production that befits someone of many years of hits and status behind them. So be ready for a very confident beginning…

Saint Samuel has spent ten years in the local music scene of Virginia but chooses 2021 to begin releasing his own compositions and what a great start with the turbulent “On A Wire”, in which Saint Samuel sings about two people who have always been in love, but never at thes ame time.

Self written, produced and recorded, “On A Wire” demonstrates a versatile style that will have people hooked. There is a definite sence of dream-pop, synth-pop, indie-pop all in this one track that is both captivating and sublime. As Samuel himself states: “Through every release, I seek to connect with listeners on a personal level which will inspire them to chase after their dreams”.

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