FRESH: ‘Seek The Truth’ – RinRin

RinRin “Seeks The Truth”


Australian singer RinRin has just released her second ever single, “Seek The Truth”, which blusters and breezes with an awesome rock-guitar backing track to blow you into Spring!

“Seek The Truth” follows on from her debut single, “The Game”, released in 2020 and offers more than a nod to Avril Lavigne’s early work. The young songwriter is billed as a ‘guitar-shredder on the rise’!

“Seek The Truth” carries a powerful message about being blinded by love – sometimes letting go seems too hard while you pretend it’s easy to blindside the lies in front of you. As they say, the truth will set you free.

RinRin is currently working on her debut EP set for release later this year and with two very powerful songs to the pop-punk performer from Perth’s name already, this will surly be a sight and sound much needed in 2021 for all!

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