FRESH: ‘Distance’ – RIVIN

RIVIN blasts the “Distance”

Synthwave, Retrowave

German artist RIVIN really pushes the retro synth 80’s waves with his profound new single, “Distance”, which glides into view and keeps you hooked from the very second it stikes.

“Distance” is everything 1984 in 2021 you could want with atmospheric vocals drenched with pure electro-synths that any 2-bit lover could wish for!

“Distance” is Berlin based RIVIN’s third single sinve he made his debut last year with “I’ll Never Say Sorry” and it’s follow up, the sublime, “Butterflies” with Chinese synthwave artist WeiWei. “Distance” is racey, power retro pop to the max, which RIVIN himself declares as “During these demanding pandemic times, there are words that have become the new norm in our daily vocabulary. One of these words is Distance”.

The song is produced by Jineo (The Voice – France) and mixed by CeePee (John Legend, Little Mix). RIVIN says he “does not conform to any one sound” so you never know how the next track is going to be! However, all of his songs originate from a place of personal experience. The recurrent message in his music is that life is not about running away from pain but learning to grow from one’s pain.

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