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Sports Almanac release double A sider “Breathe”/”City”


Brighton band Sports Almanac release their brand new double A sider today. Two brand new songs for the price of one! “Breathe In” and “Don’t You Wanna See (Bright Lights In The City)?”.

Both songs are gorgeous, summery classic that could easily have been released thirty years ago in the wake of Britpop, but with a refreshing 2021 twist and an air of freshness about them.

Sports Almanac debuted in 2019 with “Play Racing” and followed that last year with “Ciren” and a remix of “Play Racing” with DogClub. With “Breathe” and “City”, the trio, lead by singer Fraser, have really upped their game to produced two really great songs that should do well live and also in building on their so far, limited fanbase. Having been together and performing for ten years, Sports Almanac have grown and matured together to be able to compose and produce superb Britpop tunes like these two.

The band regularly featured on the Brighton gigging scene, before the pandemic but put the brakes on live music, setting up base in their Wandsworth studio, they self recorded and mixed their new double A sider in 2020. “Breathe In” presents a nostalgic and hopeful outlook on a relationship that has run its course. Written during the first lockdown whilst missing those close to them, the song serves as a reminder that things will get better.

The second track, “Don’t You Wanna See (Bright Lights In The City)”, is a comment on American politics, centred around the class divide and obsession with consumerism. The boys say “This track marks a change in sound and production for us that we’re really excited about. We can’t wait to get back out playing the new tunes and share more music we’ll be releasing later this year!”. We can’t wait…

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