FRESH: ‘Redlight’ – Naytiive

Naytiive returns with “Redlight”

NeoSoul, Pop-Funk

London based singer Naytiive (Nathan Gittens) is back with his second ever single, the soulful, cool-as-anything, “Redlight”.

The song is the follow up to his debut, “Flawless“, which we brought to you last year and sees Naytiive really match up to his contemporaries such as Bruno Mars and Jamiroquai.

After a bouncing, addictive debut, the 26 year old year piles on the cool and slomo funk with “Redlight” that could easily have been released 20 or 30 years ago but will bring something very ‘fresh’ into our lives in 2021 as Naytiive seeks to build upon his debut and really make this year, his!

“Redlight” is a song about living that dream life, putting all your worries to one side abs fully just living in the moment. Naytiive tells us that: “My main man, Mr. Joe Green, came round to my old uni flat in Fulham. He’d had abit of a rough day and we were just doing what we all day when we’re feeling sorry for ourselves, we started wishing we were rich. Wishing we were like those guys from made in Chelsea. If we had all the money in the world, what would we be like?”. Thus, “Redlight”, was born.

Naytiive has already performed “Flawless” live and hopes to get on stage and showcase both tracks as soon as is possible but stresses “I want people to feel liberated, free, something they can just bop their head to during these hard times”. “Redlight” is that song and boy, what a tune. Yeah!

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