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FRESH: ‘Pleasures Of Peace’ – Moon Museum

Moon Museum debut with “Pleasures Of Peace”


San Francisco based quartet Moon Museum formed in 2019 and have just released their debut single, “Pleasures Of Peace”, a retro rock/pop tracks with a dreamy sound to it.

The band – Ian Zazueta, Ryan Joseph, singer Olivia Barchard and Aaron Hazen – recorded their forthcoming EP the year they formed but are now unleashing it’s delights for us all to savour.

“Pleasures Of Peace” is dominated by Olivia’s calming vocals and a crescendo of electric guitars that give it a quality not too dissimilar to The Doves and veers into folk-pop on more than one occasion. Recorded ‘in the middle of nowhere’, Moon Museum aim to share with the world their nostalgic sound of the past with a 2021 generation and, of course, those that relish late 80’s – early 90’s songs of the same calibre.

The band say: “We wanted to create a song that felt cinematic. A song you can visualize. It was in the middle of nowhere but we wanted it that way. Our focus was capturing our songs and pushing our sonic palette to the edge. The melody for the song came to me (as many do) in dreams. Though I came up with the idea on a Jaguar, I had found this Gretsch 12 string that I just knew would embody our sound. Sure enough, having that gigantically brittle guitar beating behind every verse really broughtthe delicateness we needed”.

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