FRESH: ‘What Pulls You?’ – Orian

Orian asks, “What Pulls You?”


Irish born, Berlin based singer/songwriter Orian asks, powerfully, “What Pulls You?” in his new single. The atmospheric song is the third in a string of songs from the rising artist since “Ask You Twice” last year.

“What Pulls You?” is a lush guitar based tune with little other accompaniment and no hard hitting drums or bass, relying on voice and harmony for its presence.

The song is an introspective ode to loved ones and self. Orian tackles the darkness of inner battles and how much better they’re dealt with together. “What Pulls You?” is produced by long-term collaborator ANDOR and mastered by Ainsley Adams, both of whom were involved with “Ask You Twice” and its successor, “Grateful”. “What Pulls You?” is accompanied by a moving music video that drives home the importance of individual expression and collective support, directed by Nick Scholey.

Orian says of the song: “In school there was no allowance for feeling down, or any avenue to pursue to talk to anyone about it. It was very much a grin and bear it, with a smile on your face kind ofattitude, which is incredibly dangerous and wrong. I wanted to address this for the first time in my music as these experiences have left a lingering impact on me. This song is a testament to that; allowing people in and not suffering in silence”.

Joe Ryan began his odyssey as ‘Orian’ in 2019 having been a performer for more than a decade of traditional Irish folk songs but developing a more ethereal style of music together with bolder instrumentation. This manifested itself with his debut release, “Tryin'” in 2019. Having completed his second headline tour of Germany in February 2020 Orian began the latest chapter in his ‘new life’ with the first two out of five new singles planned for release over the coming months, with “What Pulls You?” the third of the quintet and first for release in 2021.

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