Hanssøn, “Feel So Ah”


New York based singer Hanssøn releases her THIRD new track of 2021, “Feel So Ah”, the follow up to “Desert Witch” and “Night Swim”, a hard-hitting (explicit) tune sung with passion.

Heavy with synths and vocalisations, “Feel So Ah” explores her intense feelings for someone in her life and trying to work out whether those feelings are going to pass, or they’re set to stay.

The song is the third in a succession of new tracks from a project entitled “​Phases”,​ a string of releases set to coincide with the full/new moon cycles. In “Feel So Ah”, Hanssøn just wants that special someone by herside, so they can make her year. If they’re not going to do that, at least they’ve gotta lend her their hoodie, apparently! Unfortunately for Hanssøn, the person she’s into isn’t a big fan of lending their clothes out, but she’s only looking to keep warm.

Speaking about the song, Hanssøn says “It’s a track about being infatuated with someone. You want to see things through their eyes – but is it going to last? This song is about wearing someone’s clothes because you can’t wear their skin, yes very obsessive, but probably just a phase”.

“Feel So Good” is produced by Hanssøn’s long-time collaborator, genre-fluid NYC based David Sisko (Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, Lykke Li) and his production elevates Hanssøn’s vocals to a whole new level. There are more ‘phases’ to come in 2021 from the young lady who made her debut in 2019 with “Always High” and her album, “Colours Of The Fall”.

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