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FRESH: ‘After Hours’ – Mary Keey

Mary Keey releases “After Hours”


Swiss singer Mary Keey has released her latest poptastic new song, “After Hours”, with a great Country feel to it, possibly it’s THAT violin accompaniment?!

“After Hours” is inspired by everything that’s that is going on in the world. Mary decided to put down a song that will remind us of the good old times.

And she achieves that in buckets with a joyous production, feel-good factor and an upbeat dance quality to it that will prove essential in the come weeks and months as the world moves into happier times.

Mary is no stranger to great pop songs having made her debut in 2012 with “O.M.G.” and releasing any number of great tunes ever since. Last year saw her team with with fellow Swiss artist L. J. Shizzle and Nico Giroud for the song “Legendary Fame” whilst releasing her solo projects, “Paris” and “Side By Side”.

The Mary Keey Sound is refreshingly distinctive; her songs are addictively catchy, up-tempo, feel good songs, which have a pop and Caribbean fusion feel to it. Being influenced by some of the most popular artists of the day, which include Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding. However, she believes that the distinctiveness of her music is what has brought about their popularity in the United States and Europe.

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