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FRESH: ‘Runaway Love’ – Slick Division

Slick Division present a “Runaway Love”


East of England duo Slick Division have delivered yet another outstanding pop tune as they enter 2021 with “Runaway Love”.

Jonny and Josh from Lowestoft, Suffolk have already released “Neon Lights”, their third single and follow that with the R&B influenced “Runaway Love” with its infectious vibe and vocal.

“Runaway Love” is about a young couple escaping their mundane lives in exchange for the freedom of living life on the open road and follows neatly off the back of the retro synth heavy “Neon Lights”, which was a co-production with Chilian producer BTRN and South American artist Color Theory (and we do like some retrowave here at!).

The two brothers made their debut last year with “Different Paradise” and are aiming ever higher in 2021 with two new singles using simplistic harmonies and focussing on their vocal talents. The boys smashed personal goals with the success of “Different Paradise”, landing placements on Spotify playlists with huge curators such as Filtr as well as being aired on the BBC Introducing programme with interviews about the record.

These two boys will go places in 2021 and we look forward to what else is on offer later on this year as they gain further exposure, having already received support from local BBC radio stations.

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