FRESH: ‘Don’t Back Down’ – RavenRain

RavenRain says “Don’t Back Down”


London based singer and songwriter RavenRain releases her second ever single, the superbly poptacular “Don’t Break Down” following her debut, “Hiding In The Dark”, last year.

“Don’t Back Down” covers the events in 2020 and the pandemic, how it has affected our lives more or less through electro-pop sounds and lyrics which ask you how you will react.

RavenRain tells us “2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, with this song I wanted to address the darkness and pain that the events in 2020 brought to us but also I wanted to give a ‘feeling’ of hope and courage to the listeners. 2020 gave us the change to reflect on what we really want to do with our lives, I spent the year focusing on developing myself as a person and musician and this will reflect in my next upcoming releases throughout 2021”.

RavenRain wrote the lyrics in just half an hour and produced the song herself. The young, aspiring artist joined singing classes aged 14 and after getting her degree, took up songwriting full time from 2019 and releasing her first single in 2020. RavenRain is a big fan of K-Pop, Lady Gaga and Halsey and you can see those influences manifest themselves within “Don’t Back Down”. We look forward to more from this young lady throughout 2021…

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