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FRESH: ‘Wait On Me’ – Joe and The Anchor

Joe and The Anchor return with “Wait On Me”


Swedish electro-pop boy band Joe and The Anchor make their assured mark on 2021 with their magnetic power-pop anthem, “Wait On Me”.

The band, who we met last year with their equally amazing song, “Lou Lou“, the follow up to the smash hit, “Get The Vibe” are back rocking the mics and pumping the vibes once more.

“Wait On Me” is an uplifting song that encourages the listener to trust the process and give room to heal what is broken. With the song, the band want to encourage us to see the light even in difficult times that helps us pull through to the other side; a message that may be extra in today’s grey environment.

The boys tell us of the song: “’Wait On Me’ is about patience – the path to something beautiful can have obstacles. It may apply to complicated love relationships, a lost friendship or a wound within yourself that takes time to heal – something that’s broken and needs to be rebuilt, piece by piece. And that has to take it’s time”.

The song is the fourth (“Lou Lou“, “Get The Vibe” and “So Bad” are the other three) to introduce the band’s upcoming EP, “Blue”, due out in two months time. They describe “Blue” as their way of sharing their emotions, as one coherent story presenting different scenarios bound together by the same theme; to dare to listen to yourself and let your feelings float to the surface.

Joe and The Anchor are: Joakim Rosenlund, Viktor Edsjö, Robin Zhang and Ruben Sonesson.

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