COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Long Train Running’

The song, “Long Train Running”, was originally recorded by The Doobie Brothers in 1973

“Long Train Running” was written by guitarist and vocalist Tom Johnston (b.1948) of the group, The Doobie Brothers for their third studio album, “The Captain And Me”. It followed their breakout hit, “Listen To The Music” into the charts in early 1973 and peaked at No.8 in America and Canada and No.7. A remix in late 1993, saw the song finally chart in the UK and make No.7 there.

It was covered by Italian band Traks in 1982 who took their version to No.18 in Germany but the most significant cover of the song came from UK girl trio Bananarama in March 1991 with the third single from their album, “Pop Life”. Their version made No.30 in the UK, No.18 in Ireland and No.10 in Portugal.

But whose version is the best? DOOBIE BROTHERS original or BANANARAMA’s cover?

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