FRESH: ‘Highs And Lows’ – babybl.u

babybl.u debuts with “Highs And Lows”!

Indie Electro-Pop

Former Oh La Kanada vocalist Karolina goes solo with her brand new project babybl.u and her debut single, “Highs And Lows”, released today.

With more than a passing resemblance to Dubstar, this electro-pop number will, I swear, be getting at you from the second you hear it and each and every time that follows.

Since disbanding in 2019, Karolina has been focussing on her own creativity and fashioning her own style of dream/indie pop all of which manifests in “Highs And Lows” with ‘babybl.u’s gentle, inoffensive vocals and a multi-layered production from verse to chorus, weaving in and out different rooms as the music takes you higher and lower from beginning to end,.

babybl.u describes this song as “modern angry girl music”! Pulling inspiration from all the women in the music industry, the young singer-songwriter is ready to get her music out with her 100% DIY attitude and her natural charisma. “Highs And Lows” started as a demo recorded in her childhood bedroom, the song was developed and then produced in collaboration with long-lasting friend Da-vid Flahou.

“Highs And Lows” explores the theme of being stuck in an un-healthy relationship, where the other person’s hot and cold attitude makes your own feelings dependent on their behaviour towards you. Pulling you from highs to lows at their own will and damaging you to your core. Welcome babybl.u and we look forward to more to come…

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