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REVIEW: ‘Stories Left Untold’ (EP) – George Wilks

George Wilks – “Stories Left Untold” EP

Brighton based singer/songwriter George Wilks releases his debut EP, “Stories Left Untold”, today, the culmination of a musical journey that has taken two years to cultivate. Since completing his degree at the University of York in July 2019, he is now embarking on a journey to pursue his dream of being a songwriter, producer and mixing engineer. George released his debut single, “Ecstacy”, soon after and that has been followed by four others since.

“Stories Left Untold” follows a multi-genre philosophy of acoustic offerings, pop, R&B, Blues and Soul and Gospel, as demonstrated in the opening song, “Feel Something”, in which George just wants to…feel something circling in his heart. And don’t we all?! With it’s airy, church-like feel to it, this is a love song from the heaven’s above aimed straight towards a singular heart.

“Neverland” keeps the feeling alive and vibrant as George uses his ever-so sweet and honest vocals to just ‘send you’ with an R&B feel to it as he hopes ‘neverland’ will take him there…to a better place, hopefully. The beautiful piano interlude, “Between Ideas”, leads longingly in the next offering, “Drift Away”, which is a deceiving tune, that is again based almost wholly on an instrumental backdrop with the distant sound of “drift away, drift away” from George.

This is pure class and an ingenious middle section to this EP, focussing on production and atmosphere but with only the slightest hint of human intervention towards the end. Cinematic to the extreme and a masterpiece for its entirety. George showcases his smoky vocals on the piano ballad, “When Time Has Made Its Stand”, this is a voice unlike any other around and one you should remember, it’s gonna be big! Heartfelt and poignant, this song makes you stop and pause to consider…whatever you want to consider.

“When Time Has Made Its Stand” certainly caused the hairs on my arms to stand up. Wow! All too soon George signs off with his last new tune, “Little Things”, which is soooo infuriatingly catchy and addictive. George bares his soul and his talent for writing superb, easy listening, Sunday morning, Summer afternoon songs to sink into and sit back with. Relaxation IS guaranteed with this number!

This exceptional body of new work from George is simply outstanding and, as George looks forward to taking his music to a live audience as soon as, will play well to an intimate gathering who appreciate the finer, more refind sounds that music can offer, for the times when hard hitting beats just won’t do and for the music connoisseur who can identify someone with a unique gift for writing and presenting what is, at the end of the day, pure class. That is George Wilks and I hope his stories do not go left untold for long…

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