FRESH: ‘Routine’ – Alizée featuring Sync.exe

Alizée sinks into “Routine”

R&B Pop

Australian singer Alizée has teamed up with Maryland, USA born musician David Price aka Sync.exe for her slinky new tune, “Routine”, the follow up to her earlier track, “The Boy”.

“Routine” is a soulful, R&B groove with a ‘trappy’ beat and soothing, inoffensive vocals from the 20 year old from Sydney who is now into her third year of releasing songs.

Alizée’s music lyrically focuses on the topics of love and our today’s society. She talks a lot about the need for younger individuals to speak their truth and to be proud of who they are. She tells us of “Routine”: “Routines are what keep me sane as an individual. As an artist, I feel like we grab inspiration from our everyday lives and experiences and that’s why I wrote a whole song about a routine. I genuinely feel like routines keep my head clear and that I feel my best when being organised. Without a routine my head is cluttered and Messy. I feel as a society we are constantly being pushed to push ourselves in the most uncomfortable way. Every one is different and I just wanted to shed some light for the people out there who thrive on routines”.

Alizée made her debut with “You’re A Fake” in 2019 and released no less than five singles last year including “Honey” and “You”. Both “Routine” and “The Boy” see her harden her musical soundtrack as her confidence grows and she herself matures as a songwriter and an artist and with more yet to come in 2021, Alizée is definitely a name to look out for this year as her music travels the world and reaches new continents away from the confinds of her home land.

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