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FRESH: ‘Say’ – Papa Roy Foundation

Papa Roy Foundation debut with “Say”!


New UK dance act, Papa Roy Foundation, have just released their Summery sounding debut single, “Say”, with a funky beat, jamming vibes and great, uplifting vocals.

The song features Ibiza-escque guitar chords that hark back to the early 00’s club/dance anthems of the time, which is hardly surprising, coming from brighton, this truly has the FGF (feel good factor) about it!

Papa Roy Foundation are Papa Roy – Vision, Creativity, Keyboards and Programming, Marc – Bass and Lead guitars, Skxllzy – Rapping and Vocals, and Rouge – Lead and Backing Vocals. “Say” is the first taster of the band’s debut album, “Out Of The Darkness”, to be released later this year.

The group tells us: “During what has been a difficult year for many, it has also been a time for people to rediscover past passions. This coupled with the discovery of lost recordings from us helped to inspire the album and single”. Papa Roy, inspired from Polynesian mythology, his Foundation is fulfilling the ancient myth, bringing us music that transcends genre.

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